Technology Acceleration

Do you have an idea for medical technology, but are not sure how to take it to the next step? Have you had a bad experience in the past by submitting an idea to a medical company? If you feel that your idea has potential, you should contact DeLegge Medical. The Technology Acceleration Program has been built by physicians to assist physicians like you get your idea to that next step—making a working prototype. We can provide you with the information and services required to get your idea out of your head and into your hands. Our experience in making products out of ideas is shown by our patent portfolio. We can do the same for your unique concept.

The first step toward getting your idea to market is submitting it to DeLegge Medical for an initial review. To begin, please contact us to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This will protect you and DeLegge Medical. If we are already working on a project in your area of study, we will discuss this with you before sending an NDA.

We can help you take an idea from the initial stage through multiple stages of design that can include the following services:

  • Market assessment
  • IP search, provisional patent and full patent, freedom to operate
  • Rough prototype development
  • To-Scale prototype development
  • Working prototype development
  • Animal implantation in an in-vivo or ex-vivo model
  • Regulatory assessment
  • Reimbursement assessment
  • Animal studies
  • Human studies
  • Manufacturing set-up
  • Venture capital connection if necessary
  • Corporate presentations if necessary
  • Grant writing if necessary
Simple solutions to complex problems.