Technology for License

DeLegge Medical is proud to partner with other innovators to bring exciting new technologies and methods to market. Devices created through our Technology Acceleration program, promoted via Corporate Partnering, and developed in-house by DeLegge Medical are available for licensing. Contact us for details of licensing a specific device

BetterIV - James T. Rawls MD

A novel adaptation of current peripheral IV catheter design that is intuitive to use by healthcare workers that are accustomed to current designs.

Cytology Balloon - Aero-Di-Namics

An easy-to-use balloon device for retrieving samples of stomach contents.

Low Profile Feeding Devices - DeLegge Medical

A variety of design changes allow these devices to more safely and comfortably enable tube feeding.

Seal-It Catheter - DeLegge Medical

The Seal-It Catheter uses two balloons to provide a perfect seal around an orifice or opening, increasing the efficacy of procedures.



Simple solutions to complex problems.