Technical Services / expenses for travel added to invoice separately

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DeleggeMedical, Inc.
Education Department
Manager: Robin Murray
843 813 1741

Our technical services include: thawing of explants to specifications, assembling trays for each station: placing explants at each station, changing out each station as needed: keeping work areas orderly and clean: assisting physicians and reps with any problem solving or technical support during course: disassembling all trays and cleaning at the end of course: packing all items for return shipments. Depending on the company(s) associated with towers during course; trouble shoot equipment on towers and place scopes to desired site for device training. 

Depending on company policies within your cooperation we prefer to incorporate travel expenses into total cost on invoice of course, and products provided. If your company does not allow this protocol, travel expenses will be billed separately with a 1.5% net charge for payment by check, with a 30 day net payment. 

Event Coordinator:
We organize, ship, setup and manage a hands-on course for you. We supply the stomachs and arrange for the scopes, set up the models, contact vendors, bring in all supplies from gowns and gloves to stomachs so that you can do a hands-on course.  This cost is discussed individually with companies requesting this service. Please contact us by email or phone.

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